Rottefella MOVE™ Tune Skate Kit for NIS 1

SKU: 10200384

Optimise your skis with MOVE Tune Skate enabling you to fine-tune your skis without taking off your skis.

  • For skate skis
  • Approved by FIS
  • For optimal skis in all conditions


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Product Description


Rottefella MOVE Tune Skate Kit for NIS 1 helps you optimise your skis in all conditions by fine-tuning your bindings using nine steps, each step constituting a 6mm move of the binding forwards or backwards. By moving the bindings forwards in hard packed snow you get skis that are easier to steer and by moving the bindings backwards in loose snow conditions you get less pressure on the front skis and they float better. Rottefella MOVE™ Tune Skate is approved by FIS and can be used in all competitions. Rottefella MOVE Tune Skate Kit for NIS 1 fits all skis with NIS 1 mounting plate.

  • Weight: 190 g
  • Length: 290 mm
  • Width: 55 mm
  • Shoe size: 36-52