Moments frozen in time

We need to share the joy of skiing with everyone. Young, old and everyone in between, from world cup winners to couch potatoes. Snow can provide endless pleasure in many ways – a battle against the clock with your pulse close to maximum, the excitement of a lightning decent or the pleasure of arriving at a cabin at the bottom of the mountain on a trail you have carved out yourself. And whatever kind of skiing trip they're on, everyone knows that correct binding can play an active role when it comes to having a good skiing experience. On all tracks, everywhere – from long-distance skiers, on MOVE™ bindings, where the binding allows for the control of glide and grip, to the little ones setting out onto the track for the very first time on secure and stable Rottefella Start bindings

We are Rottefella. Through continuous innovation for almost a hundred years, we have provided everyone who wants it with the opportunity to create their own winter adventure. And this is something we will continue to do.

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He certainly had no idea what he'd started. In 1927 Bror With, engineer, inventor and handyman, discovered a couple of powerful rat traps in a hardware store. The idea came to him immediately that they could be used for something completely different. With a few modifications they could be transformed into ski bindings with good control and great mobility. They became an overnight success, the birth of Rottefella as a company and, at the same time, the basis for the DNA that shapes us: good ideas and smart solutions are the result of hours, weeks and months of hard work, world class competence, the ability to think outside the box and the joy of being able to play.

This attitude has influenced not only us but also the history of skiing; Nordic Norm in 1971, New Nordic Norm in 1985 the NIS system and Xcelator Pro Classic with integrated QuickLock in 2014. Time and time again we have made changes to the cross-country sport. Rottefella is cross-country; in 2016, 89% of World Cup winners won on our bindings. Sketched, designed and manufactured in a little village in Hurumlandet, Norway.

It may seem like a paradox that such a major contributor to the sport of cross-country skiing comes from such a small place.. The explanation lies in the location. We make everything under the same roof, the distance from drawing board to production of prototype, to testing outside in the forest is measured in minutes. This provides a rate of innovation that no one can match – a rate that is reflected in our users.

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Plastic makes sense if it is used smartly, and smartness has been part of our nature since day one.

We have modern machinery which leaves behind very small amounts of residual waste, and 90% of the little we have goes straight back into the production line. We use exclusively suppliers that deliver quality. Among other things, we get PA, one of our most important and most stable plastic materials, from Ecopaxx. They have green profiling. We have a very efficient and energy-saving production line, almost all our suppliers are located in Europe and we produce and ship all our bindings from the factory at Klokkerstua, in the world's most important ski market. Not only is this locally produced and environmentally friendly – it is also our greatest competitive advantage.

We will shortly be moving to more modern and energy-efficient premises in Drammen, which will also bring us closer to both distributors and suppliers. We also have a constant focus on life span; where a traditional plastic product either goes into the waste bin or is recycled after one use, our bindings can be passed on from generation to generation. And in the unlikely event that a part should break, changing it is easy. And every single day since day one, we have sought more efficient and environmentally friendly methods of production and distribution. This has – and will always be – very important for us. Our products will be used in the natural environment. It goes without saying that we want to take care of it.